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Bright Language tests allow students, learners, job-seekers and employers to achieve their educational and professional goals, apply for schools and Universities, job selection, etc.  

You wish to take a Bright Language test in France 

You are an independent candidate and wish to take one of the Bright Language tests in France, please contact one of our  900 accredited centers in France to enroll for a Bright Language test 

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You wish to take a Bright Language test for Canada  

Do you wish to immigrate to Canada for work or study?

Bright Language and it’s official partner in Canada, Action Communication, will help you demonstrate your language proficiency.

Take the test from anywhere in the world, remotely or in an accredited center nearby if possible. 
To learn more about the acceptance of Bright Language tests in Canada, please visit Bright Canada

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Why choose Bright Language Tests ? 


No scheduling  in advance or fixed test sessions. Minimum technical requirements. Possibility of takin g the test remotely invigilated.


Results for the Bright test are available immediately after the test is finished


Bright Language tests are accepted and required by many Universities, schools and companies around the world.