Specialized Tests

Because every sector has its own specific
linguistic features,
Bright Language employs tailored tests to ensure
alignment with your business requirements.

We have worked with some of the biggest names in industry to develop sector-specific technical tests.


In partnership with the French Air Force, Bright Language has developed a test specifically designed to evaluate English proficiency in a defense environment.

This test reflects the importance of communication in English with NATO and with UN forces in real-life situations experienced by the armed forces in the field.


Specialized written comprehension tests in Simplified Technical English for aeronautical engineers and technicians.

Specialized tests
for different jobs

What is it ?

  • Tests developed for specific sectors such as defense and aviation.

Ideal for :

Suitable for all organizations operating in a specific sector with a requirement to assess employees’ language proficiency in a highly targeted field.

We guarantee :

  • Rapid access to results
  • Unbeatable prices for premium quality assessments accredited by many international organizations (NATO, the French Air Force, Air France Industries, Airbus, and Safran Group).

For the design of industry-specific tests: contact us!