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Online language proficiency tests for professionals in 11 languages
to simplify the remote selection and learning experience of your team
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Evaluate your team accurately

Assess the language proficiency of your team to confirm their level and promote internal mobility in your company.

Choose optional extension modules to evaluate active skills (BLISS, Writing Solutions, Five Star, Specialized tests), for managerial positions and international mobility.

Statistics available for a global overview of your employees language proficiency throughout the company.

Optimize remote talent selection

Improve the digital recruitment and onboarding process of your candidates with a uniform, reliable and objective assessment throughout your organization.

Standardized results across the group for multinational companies. 

Results are correlated with the Eurpean framework (CEFR).

Improve training and development

Enrich your employees training and development experience, encouraging their growth and work satisfaction.

Organize language training sessions with the  Nathan & Bright Language  Solution.

Use one of our 900 training centers in France and abroad to assess your candidates with the Bright test.

Why choose Bright Language

Reliable and Secure solution

Facilitate global transition to remote work

Increase talent attraction and retention

Use the proctoring tool, Bright Secure for remotely invigilated tests. The objetivity of our tests is guaranteed by our AI software

Working conditions are rapidly evolving. Assess your candidates in 11 languages remotely or on site.

By digitalizing and professionalizing the language assessment process. Add value to the company’s talent.

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