Our accredited centres in France

Bright Language Tests
feature on the “France Compétences” national register of accredited training courses.

Our tests qualify for the French Personal Training Account (CPF) at any stage in an employees’ career and are valid for 2 years. 

Within the framework of training reforms, Bright Language has positioned itself as a language learning certification body with its language proficiency assessment tests.
This expansion in our activities has been customer-led and now allows us certify all types of language training.

  • Anglais professionnel (code CPF : 237379)
  • Anglais pour débutant (code CPF : 236545)
  • Allemand (code CPF : 237533)
  • Chinois Mandarin (code CPF : 236761)
  • Français Langue Etrangère (code CPF : 235617)
  • Espagnol (code CPF : 237034)
  • Italien (code CPF : 236373)
  • Néerlandais (code CPF : 236935)
  • Portugais (code CPF : 236368)
  • Russe (code CPF : 236381)

Bright certification tests are governed by a formal process

  • Only training organizations which have signed a contract to become certified Bright language agents are authorized to conduct Bright certification tests.
  • These organizations undertake to comply with our test delivery protocols.
For more information about our certification terms in France, do not hesitate to contact us