A partnership with Canada

Do you want to immigrate to Canada
for work or study?

Bright Language will also
help you demonstrate your language proficiency.

Whether you are applying to college or university or seeking employment in Canada, you will be required to sit a language test

If you want to move to Canada to study or work, the Canadian authorities will require specific language proficiency tests.

These tests must be conducted by an organization accredited by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the Ministry responsible for immigration, settlement, resettlement, and citizenship programs and services in Canada.

Working with Action-Communication, our official Canadian partner, Bright Language can offer a suite of tests to suit your plans.

Bright Language – your language passport
to Canada!

Bright Language tests allow students, learners, job-seekers and employers to achieve their educational and professional goals.

The reliable, authoritative results are used in an educational and professional context to pinpoint a person’s position on the language proficiency scale.

An assessment test will demonstrate whether your language skills meet the minimum requirement in the following four skill areas :


Ideal for :

The Higher Education Sector

Most international applicants are required to sit a language test for college and university admission.

Many educational institutions accept students’ Bright Language test results for admission or to meet language requirements for certain courses.

All Canadian general and vocational education colleges (Cégeps) accept Bright results for admissions.

Several Canadian schools and universities use the Bright Test for official certification of students’ language proficiency level.

THE Corporate sector

Bright assessments facilitate the recruitment and retention of the most able staff!

Canadian organizations have chosen Bright tests as their language proficiency assessment tool for recruiting and training employees.

The globalized marketplace demands multilingual skills. Bright Language assessment tests are available in 11 different languages and this breadth of offering has propelled the organization to the forefront of the language proficiency assessment sector.

If you are an employer located in Canada who wishes to use Bright tests to recruit employees with the requisite level of language proficiency, contact Action-Communication to access the Bright Language platform at: [email protected]