Certify your training programs and track progress of your students with Bright Language tests

Certify the language proficiency of your candidates 

Join a network of 900 accredited Bright Language centers and certify your candidates language proficiency with an objective and recognized assessment.

Three different certification protocols for remote or on site evaluation.


Evaluate your students

From the first day of their training program and have an accurate notion of their level and evolution.

Provide your candidates with an internationally recognized and renown certificate at the end of their training.

Results are correlated with the European framework (CEFR). ​​

Track progress of your clients employees

Thanks to the Bright Language platform you can track progress with the Candidate’s history

Report of errors with areas to improve give a better understanding of the candidate’s needs.

Special test for beginners in English and French


Why choose Bright Language

Flexible assessment

5 different skills tested 

Reports available on the same day

Remote proctoring tool

No specific dates or time to take the test. Test duration of 1 hour maximum. Assign a test to as many candidates as needed at the same time.  

You can test writing and listening comprehension and expression, in 5 different tests according to your needs. 

Bright tests results are available immediately after the test is finished (except for proctored tests). Report is valid for 2 years. Errors report available.

Bright Secure allows the candidate to take the certification remotely and invigilated with Bright Secure.

Bright certification tests are governed by a formal protocol

Only training organizations which have signed a contract to become certified Bright language agents are authorized to conduct Bright certification tests.

These organizations undertake to comply with our test delivery protocols. 

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