A secure online language proficiency assessment tool you can trust

The Bright Language management platform can be aligned with your requirements, whatever the size of your organization and the nature of your business.

The concept

One universal reading and listening comprehension proficiency test (Bright test) and optional extension modules providing active skills assessment (BLISS, Writing Solution, Five Star, Specialized tests).


Choose your test

Flexible and autonomous platform

Assign Bright tests as needed in a couple of clicks. Simple and
intuitive management of your company’s platform.

Assign a test to many candidates at the same time

Download and compare test results of your team members

Integrate our platform in your software solution

Create a candidate’s profile and choose the best suitable test

Platform interface available in 14 languages

Technical support 24/7

Step by step



The test setter allocates a test to the candidate on the Bright platform. An email is then sent automatically to the candidate so that they can access the tests.


Test procedure

The candidate completes the various tests online, or by telephone, Teams or Skype.



The test setter receives test results immediately, except in cases where expert evaluation is required.

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