Five Star: 1 global language test to assess all 5 skills with remote supervision

As its name suggests, it is THE star test among the language assessment tests offered by Bright Language. Designed to assess the 5 skills and correlated with the CEFR levels in a complete, stress-free and reliable way, the Five Star is the ideal tool for all those who wish to accurately assess their overall proficiency. Currently available in five different languages and now also proctored to allow candidates to take a remote test in a secure and reliable environment. Discover Five Star Secure!

What is the Five Star test?

Five Star is a comprehensive online language assessment focused on both oral and written skills.

Reliable and efficient, this test assesses more precisely all the skills defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

It is based on the following three assessment pillars:

  • written and oral comprehension
  • written expression
  • oral communication (interaction with an expert)

Who is the Five Star test for?

Five Star is the perfect test to assess overall language skills quickly, comprehensively and efficiently, ideal for :

  • students to obtain their master’s or engineering school diploma;
  • students completing their application to Universities around the world, wishing to study abroad;
  • international companies or companies recruiting new teams for posts requiring interaction with foreign clients;
  • employees and collaborators within the framework of the “Learning and Development” actions at their companies.

In general, the Five Star is the ideal language test to assess a candidate’s overall level as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Increased reliability and security thanks to remote monitoring

The Five Star test can be taken on site or remotely proctored on our Bright Language online platform, at the desired time and place.

The Bright Secure system makes it possible to verify the identity of the candidate before taking the test, and monitoring the test conditions, ensuring the same security measures as those in place at an accredited test center.

The candidate and his computer screen are filmed and recorded throughout the duration of the test.

Finally, the recordings of the exam sessions are also verified by examiners who certify or not, the conformity of the conditions for taking the test.

Thus, at Bright Language, we make every effort to guarantee the security and authenticity of our remote tests for all candidates.

The advantages of taking the Five Star test remotely are numerous:

  • a complete and thorough assessment of 5 language skills, corrected by experts
    candidates can take the test safely, without the need for travel, at any time.
    no specific session dates
  • Report available in 14 languages
  • simplicity, speed and reliability of results

Finally, the Five Star test is offered at very competitive rates for a very high quality assessment.

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More information on the Five Star test:

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