BLISS, five letters to assess oral communication in real-time in a professional context

Characteristics, advantages, target audience, procedure… discover everything you need to know about the BLISS “Bright Language International Speaking Solution”, Bright Language’s international speaking skills solution.

What is the BLISS test?

This is a real-time assessment by Microsoft Teams or by phone with an expert, who adapts the test to the level of the candidate as the conversation progresses.

The main objective is to reveal the potential of the candidate in a professional context.

The results are available within 15 minutes of the interview, in the form of a report or a certification. A work on report is also available upon the candidate’s request.

Results are also correlated with the European CEFR framework.

The BLISS test offers an efficient and reliable assessment of language skills with emphasis in the oral expression.

The speaking assessment is available in 5 languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French as a foreign language).

The latest updates

Already available by phone, the oral communication test is now also available via the Microsoft Teams video conferencing application.

The BLISS test is a dynamic and interactive test allowing candidates to express themselves according to their level in a scenario similar to a real work situation.

With the exponential increase of international meetings by video conference, being able to express fluently in a foreign language is a bigger priority for organizations.

Who is the BLISS test for?

The BLISS test is intended for all candidates wishing to assess their oral language skills, in particular oral expression and interaction, in a large number of professional situations (telephone conversations, meetings, conferences, presentations, etc.).

In doing so, it is particularly important for employees and teams whose missions require them to speak a foreign language on a daily basis.

Today, the BLISS test is also used by many human resources (HR) managers to assess candidates for management positions and employees who wish to develop their career Today, the BLISS test is also used by many human resources (HR) managers to assess candidates for management positions and employees who wish to develop their career within the company and internationally.

How is the level of oral languages of candidates assessed?

The interview generally is structured in 3 stages. An exchange or conversation format between the candidate and the expert, the main objective being to evaluate the quality of the speech, the professional vocabulary, comprehension and fluidity.

The first stage focuses on the presentation of the candidate, the second stage develops around the activity or the professional life of the candidate, and in a third stage, the expert will direct his questions according to the exchange and the candidate’s answers.

Like all the Bright Language tests, one of the great strengths of the BLISS test is the reliability of accurately assessing the candidate’s language level.

Advantages and characteristics of the BLISS test

To summarize, the BLISS test consists of:

  • 1 online Bright test.
  • 1 oral communication test by Microsoft Teams or by telephone with an expert.
  • 5 Languages tested: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian.

Bright Language offers an easy to manage, reliable and effective test format that accurately assesses the language skills of candidates and team members.

Learn more about the BLISS test:

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