Remote proctored exams: a new challenge for our language tests

For several months, the health crisis has disrupted all human activities on the planet. Language tests were no exception! To preserve the value of our tests and ensure that they are taken under optimal sanitary and secure conditions, Bright Language has developed a secure solution to monitor its assessments remotely. Bright Secure offers conditions similar to those of a face-to-face exam. Companies, training organizations, universities, engineering or business schools … With Bright Secure, all actors who need to assess the language skills of their employees or their students / pupils will be able to easily assign an invigilated test.

Remote proctoring : the future of language exams and tests?

At present, no one can say when the return to a new normal will occur. All institutions and businesses must then adapt to the current situation to continue their activity in the best possible way.

Training centers and educational institutions are among the organizations which have seen their activities profoundly altered. Like the exams at Universities, language tests represent the means of certifying the skills of a candidate who wishes to advance in his or her study or professional path. In a company, language tests, for example, allow an employee to prove that they have a sufficient language level to occupy a position. Nothing better than a language assessment in fact to ensure that a person can successfully do the job, especially if it has an international dimension. For students, tests are also essential in order to enter certain universities, study abroad (in Canada for example), obtain an internship or a first job, etc.

It is therefore impossible to assess candidates in this context in a very large number of cases since carrying out face-to-face language tests has become a much less ideal solution.

Today, the challenge for all these organizations (of which Bright Language is a part) is therefore to be able to guarantee the quality of the language assessments while preserving the health of the candidates. 

To maintain language testing despite the current restrictions, many organizations and training centers have therefore opted for remote proctored language assessments. This allows candidates to take the tests in the best possible sanitary conditions, while guaranteeing the organizers that the examinations are carried out in accordance with the rules of the assessment (avoiding cheating, fairness between all candidates, etc.).

Remotely monitored tests: how does it work?

In theory, the principle of remotely monitored tests is quite simple. Candidates, with an online account on a testing platform, log in and follow the instructions given to them.

In general, they start by entering their personal data before having access to the tests. Depending on the monitoring tool used for the test, it may also be possible to choose the time when you want to take the test.

Today there are several solutions for remote test and exam monitoring. Each solution has a different functionality and interfaces. For organizations wishing to take language tests, for example, the objective is to offer a device that is not restrictive for the candidate. And that is where the difficulty lies!

In fact, everything must be thought out so that the user can concentrate as much as possible on his test, that is to say without being disturbed by the monitoring tool responsible for certifying his compliance. This is also what we had in mind at Bright Language when developing Bright Secure 😉

Bright Secure, Bright Language’s 100% secure surveillance solution

In May 2020, Bright Language has launched this solution for Canadian universities and since then, we have been offering this new remote proctoring solution to all our partners (training centers, universities, business and engineering schools, companies, etc.).

Advantages ? Bright Secure has plenty. For example, the remotely supervised test takes place without an appointment, at the time and place desired by the candidate. Remote monitoring of the test is done through the candidate’s screen and webcam, throughout the duration of the test.

The analysis of Bright Secure test sessions is guaranteed by an algorithm that analyzes the images and sounds recorded during the test. Thanks to this system, anomalies during the session can be detected (suspicious noise, unexpected movement, intrusion of a third person in the room, etc.).

For additional security, the recordings are also verified by examiners who will assure that the candidate has complied with the required conditions for taking the test.

Bright Secure also respects the privacy of applicants (GDPR compliant). The latter must agree to the conditions for taking the test and the personal data recorded is deleted after the examination.

Finally, once the test is completed and validated, the candidate will receive the results within 7 working days. Fast and effective !

Overall, Bright Secure also strives to provide the candidate with the best user experience through a simple technical environment. Its technical access conditions are in fact not very restrictive (standard IT equipment and a good internet connection are sufficient).

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You can also contact us directly for more information on our remote proctoring solution.

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