The Nathan & Bright Language Solution

The Nathan & Bright Language Solution
and their employees co-designed
by Nathan Formation and Bright Language.

Nathan, an expert in the educational and digital field, and Bright Language®, the leading designer of language proficiency assessment tools, have created a turnkey solution for assessing, developing and certifying your employees’ English skills.

Bright® certification, which has been developed for businesses, is thriving! More than 200,000 convenient, fast and cost-effective test are conducted every year.



Offer your employees a training solution

  • The optimized distance learning digital training platform (customized course / under test conditions / 6 practice tests)
  • Registration for the internationally recognized official Bright Language® test. 1-hour online test
  • A solution which qualifies for the French Personal Training Account (CPF)

What are the benefits for your business ?

Ensure standardization

Assess employee skill levels with a highly agile solution

Encourage progression

Optimize the training process with a personalized approach

Certify employees

Offer an internationally recognized certification

A high-performance platform

In order to optimize your skill level and use training time effectively, the Nathan-Bright® platform offers 2 types of training:

personalized (Adaptive Learning method)

skills-based (conjugation, grammar, vocabulary)

A dashboard encourages independent learning and provides motivation by allowing the learner to set a target score and track progress. There are also 12 practice tests to help candidates prepare under test conditions.

In order to ensure optimum effectiveness, the content has been tailor-made for Bright® certification by the educational experts Nathan, in collaboration with Bright Language® content developers.