The Bright Language management platform is adapted to the needs of small and large corporations alike. It allows companies to personalize results and produce statistics in order to define the needs of personnel.

Bright Language also guarantees training sessions for the test administrators and supplies complete documentation in many languages. There is also a telephone hot line available 7 days a week to accommodate various time zones.

The platform setup is offered to our customers.

  • Market leader amongst French companies with more than 250,000 tests a year.
  • A presence in 80 countries
  • 11 languages tested and 14 interface languages

Bright Language provides a Human Resources tool that is simple and reliable for rapidly and effectively assessing the language level of your co-workers. This allows:

  • The creation and personalization of Internet platforms suitable for your organization
  • The administrators can assign tests with their access codes at any time
  • Immediate results
  • Access to overall company statistics

Many multinational corporations such as Total, BNP Paribas, Safran, Manpower, Valéo and Solvay have chosen to work with Bright for recruitment and training. They are highly satisfied with the performance of the platform and the test results. Contact us today!