Five Star, the only global language performance test

The five star test covers all the competences as set out by the CEFR. All assessments are online with results given within 48 hours. The test performance is linked to interaction with native language experts and a rigorous, objective assessment of competences and skills in a professional setting.

5 competences:

• Reading comprehension • Listening comprehension • Oral expression • Written expression • Oral interaction

3 steps:

An online test of oral and written comprehension
Multiple choice question (lasts 40-60 minutes)
• Grammar and syntax • Vocabulary • Structures • Oral Comprehension

UTest of written expression
A 30 minute online test
• Pertinence • Clarity • Structure and accuracy • Register

Test of oral interaction
A 20 minute online test with native speaker
• Quality of discourse • Interaction • Professional vocabulary • Accuracy • Fluency • Comprehension

5 languages tested:
English , French , German , Italien and Spanish.