Bright Language works with a number of educational institutions around the world. We work with technical, professional, engineering institutions, business schools and private language companies. To succeed, candidates must obtain a certain language proficiency level on the test scores for written and oral comprehension.

In the United States, Bright Language is collaborating with colleges and Workforce Development Offices to assist English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). We offer opportunities in English language testing by assisting colleges to improve worker’s chances in their job search or improve current employment skills. Our tests effectively evaluate the measurement before and after language classes or training provided by Community Colleges. Bright Language tests are designed to test the level of English language of non-native English speakers to determine their written and oral comprehension skills.

Many Community Colleges are using Bright Language online language proficiency tests for corporate education which partners with local employers. This allows them to offer their employees language classes to improve their communication skills at the workplace and job advancement opportunities. Our tests are administered to candidates holding positions in factories, warehouses, clerical, healthcare, hospitality and other diverse industries.